Time with Kristin

After returning home from golf on Wednesday, I went with Kristin to San Francisco. We took the cruise boat out to Alcatraz and spent the next two and half hours touring the island, learning of its history and prison life, myth and truth, and just had a great time. We then walked about a mile to La Trappe where Christopher likes to sample all the different ales and beers. We had a wonderful meal, tasted wonderful beers, ate way too much, and waddled back to the car. It was a great day.

Konigshoeven Quadruple. Allegedly the number one beer at La Trappe.  Absolutely incredible.  Heavy, bold, complex, noticeably sweet, and that wonderful “oily” mouthcoat!  Was $9.00 (and 10% alcohol).

Trappistes Rochefort.  Not as incredible as the one above, but still wonderful.  Even sweeter (almost could be a dessert beer) and less mouthcoat.  Also 10%, but $12.00.

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