Mystery Spot

Kristin, Kara and I had a nice drive to Santa Cruz and visited the Mystery Spot.  While some of the phenomena experienced there can be explained by obvious causes (optical illusion, embedded/hidden magnetic sources, etc – there are other very interesting, unexplained (to or by me) phenomena.  Example: A board that is shown to be perfectly level by their level AND my iPhone clinometer…water readily runs off one end as if it is tilted several degrees.  Fascinating – must investigate this further.

Kara, Kristin, Christopher and I ate near the Bertrand’s house at a very small neighborhood grill called The Garage.  I had peppercorn tri tips at Christopher’s suggestion and wonderful pumpkin and kale.  Washed it all down with a fabulous IPA on tap: Green Flash West Coast IPA.  I found out that this IPA has arrived in Tampa and may be coming to other Florida locations.  It tastes and smells like the same hops that are used in CCB Tocobaga.

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