Wine Tasting

Breakfast was fun with Pam, Eric, and Chris Barrett at the Mini Gourmet diner on the west side of town.  It was drizzling rain, so our golf game was scrubbed.

Christopher, Krsitin and I then went to Morgan Hill for some wine tasting.  Starting at Sarah’s Vineyard, we had some tasty sample, including a fabulous Zinfandel that made you salivate with each sip – literally.  They bought me a bottle of this to take home 🙂

Next stop was Fortino for more tasty and interesting wines, including a pomegranate wine. Lots of chocolates, spreads, mini cupcakes…

Last was Solis where we met up with Christopher’s “grand boss”, David, and his wife Carla. Another round of wonderful wines with paired chocolates.

The 3 of us then went to a restaurant in Morgan Hill recommended by David and Carla called Ladera Grill for Kristin’s birthday dinner.  Fabulous food – I had a huge, tender porterhouse steak!  We shared some macaroni and cheese prepared with truffle oil – unique and scrumptious.

As soon as we arrived home, Kristin left to go ballroom dancing till 2 or so in the AM.

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